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Announcement from Moral Promotion Center (Public Organization)

Title: Fide Intent in Successful Administration According to the Mission of Moral Promotion Center


As Moral Promotion Center stated 4 missions of the organization as follows:

  1. To strengthen Public Relations Network and Moral Assembly as a driving force for moral society
  2. To promote the development of moral and ethical standard
  3. To develop moral and ethical innovation and knowledge
  4. To develop the cooperation in raising morality and ethics with international organizations

In order to achieve the above mentioned missions with good governance, the executives of Moral Promotion Center (Public Organization) would like to give oaths to honestly perform the task and committedly administrate duties under the 6 principles of good governance which are;

  1. The Rule of Law or the compliance with laws, rules, regulations, and orders considering them as ruling under laws not by arbitrariness or by individual authority. Fairness and justice should be taken into consideration together with concision and in timely manner.
  2. Morality or adhering to the rightfulness and goodness while encouraging the personnel self- improvement in order to allow them to be honest, sincere, diligent, tolerant, disciplined, and have professional integrity as a national trait.
  3. Accountability or the parallel meaning of the opposite or almost opposite to corrupt or corruption. The corrupted matters are those with negative connotation while accountability is a term with positive connotation and it reflects the interest in the peacefulness of the citizen. Accountability also refers to the easy and accessible of the data and information together with providing process for explicitly checking the validity.
  4. Participation or providing opportunity to the personnel or related person to take part in administration and making the decision in various cases such as taking part in the member of the committee, sub-committee, or the working group by sharing information, ideas, suggestions, advices, joint planning, and joint implementation.
  5. Responsibility refers to having awareness in rights and duties, having realization in social responsibility, paying attention to administrative problems, being enthusiastic in solving the problems, and respecting in different opinion, together with having courage to admit both the good and bad results from your own action.
  6. Cost-effectiveness or Economy means the exercising and utilizing of the limited resources for the maximum profits to the community at large by means of raising awareness in being economical, using the office supplies effectively, and sustainably conserving natural resources.


It is thus hereby publicly announced.

                                                                                           Announced on 23rd January 2018


                                                                                                   (Mr. Sin Suesuan)

                                                                                     Director of Moral Promotion Center